How to set up automatic user logging in on Ubuntu

If you just dropped Windows XP for Ubuntu on your machine, chances are you’re wondering how to set up automatic user logging in on Ubuntu. Setting up autologin in Ubuntu is quite easy and you can do the same in a matter of a few clicks.

Here’s a quick guide on how to set up auto-login in Ubuntu:

  • From the Gnome Menu, select System > Administration > Login Window.
    Ubuntu AutoLogin
  • For security reasons, you’ll be asked to type your password.
    Ubuntu AutoLogon like Windows XP and Vista
  • Once you’ve entered your password, click OK.
  • In the dialog window that appears, go to the Security tab.
  • Check ‘Enable Automatic Login’
  • In the box below, select/type in the username
  • Click close to save the changes

The next time you start Ubuntu on your computer, the login screen will be bypassed and you’ll be automatically logged into the account you specified.


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