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Ubuntu 19.04 is Named ‘Disco Dingo’ Ubuntu 19.04 is Named ‘Disco Dingo’.! Ubuntu!
The name of Ubuntu 19.04 has been revealed — and it’s definitely a distinctive decision!As listed on Launchpad, the home of Ubuntu development, the Ubuntu 19.04 name is logged as “Disco Dingo”.Ubuntu 19.04 will be the next stable Ubuntu release and come backed by 9 months of updates. It’s due for release in April 2019.Thus far there’s no alliteratively littered blogpost from Ubuntu’s space-faring founder Mark Shuttleworth, the sort that would cement the new name within our collective consciousness, but in many ways the name speaks for itself…What’s in a name?The codename of each Ubuntu release is traditionally made up of an adjective (a descriptive word) and an animal, both beginning with the same letter.But that’s only partly true this time.The word Disco is actually both a noun and a verb rather than adjective. A disco is a type of club or party at which p…