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Upgrading Ubuntu From Edgy to Feisty Fawn

Upgrading Ubuntu From Edgy to Feisty (6.10 to 7.04)Ubuntu Feisty (7.04) is the latest version of Ubuntu. Here's the quick list of new features for your enjoyment, but you should really upgrade to see everything for yourself.New in Feisty:Windows Migration Tool - Will help you migrate your user settings, such as wallpaper and bookmarks.Codec wizard - Helps install unsupported codecsWireless - Greatly upgraded wireless support lets you easily connect to different networksUpgraded Kernel - 2.6.20 kernel supports hardware virtualization features in the newer processors.Upgraded Gnome - Gnome 2.18 has a lot of new features you'll want, including a nice administration panel overhaul.Lots of other stuff!Note: Before you start this upgrade, you should make sure that you have updated Edgy with all the latest patches using the Update Manager. This will make installation more smooth, and also solve the problems some people are having with not being able to upgrade.To start the upgrade fr…