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Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) is HERE!

Canonical's Ubuntu 15.04, also known as Vivid Vervet, has been recently launched and it comes with the notorious systemd project.

Unity 7 desktop environment This latest edition of the standard Linux distro does not boast of any user interface changes as it still has the Unity 7 desktop environment. It includes some minor tweaks like the ability to set application menus to always appear instead of only popping up when you hover your mouse over them. Most of the changes feature revamped menus, some important desktop improvements and new versions of default apps like LibreOffice and Firefox. This operating system should be faster and more stable thanks to updates to the underlying system, such as the Linux kernel and Unity desktop.

What makes Vivid Vervet visually different from the previous version is the purple default wallpaper and the marginally improved locally integrated menus as they now consume less screen space with this arrangement.

Unity's HUD When the desktop is awar…