Do you want to grow up to be a programmer? You have a choice, then. You can go off to college or you can learn the basics now at home. Whether you can learn those programming skills for free or not is the question. So, we went on a search for the most common and the most popular programming languages to see what we could find. We learned that you can learn every computer language known to mankind online through open source projects, free online tutorials, free eBooks and wikis.

The downside to these tutorials is that none of them offer college credits nor do they offer certifications. With that said, it never hurts to have this knowledge under your belt for the time when you’re ready to take a full-fledged plunge into paying for your sheepskin or certification. Of course, we cannot possibly include all programming languages, nor can we include all the best sites around for tutorials — otherwise this list would number in the thousands! Instead, we found the most popular sites rated in search engines through the keywords of the language + free tutorials or the language + free courses.

The list begins with comprehensive courses offered through online college venues. From there, you’ll discover various computer programs sorted by language or by technology. Although they’re numbered, we don’t favor one course over another. In fact, if you look closely, you’ll see that we listed the courses alphabetically. Finally, unless stated otherwise, none of these programs require registration.