Reasons to Abandon Windows For Linux

Had enough of Windows 10’s hassles? Unless you plan to install Windows 7, which is going to lose support from Microsoft on January 14, 2020, or have the cash to spare for an Apple device, there aren’t many other options for a computer operating system except some flavor of Linux.Although you can expect a learning curve when changing platforms, Windows users who are curious about the state of Linux for mainstream computing might come away surprisingly satisfied after finding a suitable distribution for their machine and spending time getting familiar with the new environment.Here are five-plus reasons why you could easily wind up preferring Linux instead of Windows as the default operating system on your desktop or laptop:A curated software catalog like mobile platforms
A curated software catalog like mobile platformsSoftware known to be compatible with a specific version of Linux is maintained in a central catalog or “repository” akin to mobile platforms such as iOS or Android.Althoug…

Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo beta now available, stable release coming in April.

Like sands through the hour glass, so are the releases of Ubuntu. The folks at Canonical push out a new version of the popular GNU/Linux distribution every six months, and the next one is scheduled to ship April 18th, 2019.But if you want to get an early look, Ubuntu 19.04 beta is available for download starting today.While Ubuntu 19.04 is a relatively minor release, it should include a number of bug fixes and performance enhancements. It’s also the first version of Ubuntu to use the recently-released Linux 5.0 kernel and the default Yaru theme has been updated with better-looking icons for third-party applications.

Ubuntu 18.10: What's New?

We review Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish, the latest stable release of Ubuntu to see what's new.

With a brand new look and improved performance, we ask if it's worth upgrading to Ubuntu 18.10 from the 18.04 release back in April.

★ 18 Things to do after installing Ubuntu 18.10:

You can download Ubuntu 18.10 from

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Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish : See What's New

Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish the new release of Ubuntu linux Distribution, this release ships with latest GNOME 3.30 as default desktop enviroment and Powered by a Linux kernel 4.18 series. Also include new Yaru theme, the bold, the frivolous, yet distinctly Ubuntu saw further improvements and touchups. Integrates beautifully with GNOME 3.30 Desktop and improves usability with its careful use of semantic colors.

Ubuntu 18.10 release notes :
Download Ubuntu 18.10 :


Ubuntu 19.04 is Named ‘Disco Dingo’ Ubuntu 19.04 is Named ‘Disco Dingo’.! Ubuntu!
The name of Ubuntu 19.04 has been revealed — and it’s definitely a distinctive decision!As listed on Launchpad, the home of Ubuntu development, the Ubuntu 19.04 name is logged as “Disco Dingo”.Ubuntu 19.04 will be the next stable Ubuntu release and come backed by 9 months of updates. It’s due for release in April 2019.Thus far there’s no alliteratively littered blogpost from Ubuntu’s space-faring founder Mark Shuttleworth, the sort that would cement the new name within our collective consciousness, but in many ways the name speaks for itself…What’s in a name?The codename of each Ubuntu release is traditionally made up of an adjective (a descriptive word) and an animal, both beginning with the same letter.But that’s only partly true this time.The word Disco is actually both a noun and a verb rather than adjective. A disco is a type of club or party at which p…

Ubuntu 18.10 will be released this October :)

Ubuntu 18.10 will be released this October, and we already have information about the new Ubuntu’s features, changes, release date, and more.

Some of you requested an article for 18.10 like we did one for Ubuntu 18.04, so here it is. Though it’s still relatively early, there is some information available about the new features, what will be changed, the name, and more.

Communitheme, the theme that was originally developed for Ubuntu 18.04, will be the new default theme in 18.10. This is a whole new, fresh look to Ubuntu. The developers are still working on the theme and there may be more changes and style updates. As of Late July 2018, Communitheme is known by its new name – Yaru.

GNOME 3.30 The newest version of GNOME, 3.30, is scheduled for release this September, which means it’s likely that Ubuntu 18.10 will use the newest version of GNOME, though this still hasn’t been confirmed.

Android Integration by Default
Ubuntu 18.10 will likely ship with an Android integration app by defau…