Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to install Picasa 3.0 beta in Ubuntu -- Ubuntu Geek

Picasa is free photo software from Google. This version is Linux compatible. Picasa won’t delete your pictures or put them online without your permission. This is a preview of the upcoming release of Picasa 3 for Ubuntu.

Important Note:- This is still in beta version and it might break your System

New Features

  • Improved integration with Picasa Web Albums
  • You can sync your Picasa 3 and Web Albums edits, change your online album settings from Picasa, and delete online albums from Picasa.
  • Better uploading with the upload Drop-box and bandwidth throttling.
  • New Retouch tool to remove unsightly blemishes and improve photo quality.
  • Improved Collage tool lets you have total artistic control over your collage content and layout.
  • Auto red-eye: same results, less work for you.
  • Easily add text or watermarks to your photos.

Linux specific changes / improvements

  • User data are now stored in ~/.google/picasa/.
  • Camera/media detection integrated with Gnome/KDE.
  • Mozilla/Firefox browser integration done via a plugin.
  • picasa:// urls work in Firefox 3.
  • Downloading albums from Picasa Web Albums launches faster.
  • Better Xinerama support.
See full instructions here: How to install Picasa 3.0 beta in Ubuntu -- Ubuntu Geek

Monday, February 09, 2009

Top 100 Free Linux Games - LinuxLinks News

Top 100 Free Linux Games

"Can I game on it" is a frequently asked question we hear from Windows users toying with the idea of trying Linux for the first time. Well, the simple answer is yes!

What's more, there's a huge range of Linux games which are available to download at no cost. The list below represents the top 100 games, covering a broad spectrum of game genres. Hopefully there be a selection of games here that will interest anyone.

To be eligible for inclusion in the list below, games satisfied the following requirements:

Free to play (no download charge, no monthly charge)

Does not require Wine to run. Wine is a compatibility layer for running Windows software.

Not in the early stages of development

Top 100 Free Linux Games - LinuxLinks News

Sunday, February 08, 2009

28 Coolest Firefox About:Config Tricks - Make Tech Easier

You may have installed countless add-on in Firefox to enhance your using experience, but if you want to get the most out of Firefox, you really have to hack your way into the about:config.

The about:config page contains most (if not, all) of Firefox configuration options. It is so far the most effective, and the most powerful way to tweak and enhance your Firefox performance. Here are 28 of the popular tweaks.

28 Coolest Firefox About:Config Tricks - Make Tech Easier

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

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