The Daily Ubuntu - GnuCash - Keep Your Cash (or lack thereof) in Order

GnuCash - Keep Your Cash (or lack thereof) in Order

Thank you to John J. for suggesting this application. Be sure to subscribe to the site feed to keep up with the bombast of new applications.

GnuCash is a personal finance and accounting application created to keep you crazy organized. It can do simple things like recording expenses and take care of register transactions, but it can also handle tracking bank accounts, income, and a slew of financial instruments and derivatives.

John J. summed it up quite well in his suggestion e-mail:

...GnuCash is a great piece of financial software. I just use it to keep my home financials in order, but it has so many other functions that I would never even need to use.

It uses professional standards like double-entry accounting, which my professors babble on and on about being important. They generally mention words like 'Enron' and 'lawsuit' in context. The register has an easy interface that can handle checking and credit transactions, as well as currency and stock asset trades. Different currencies are taken care of easily.

The last thing I ever want to do is enter information by hand, so it's great that GnuCash can take care of that for me, as OSAlt reports:

With support for OFX DirectConnect and HBCI - GnuCash can even communicate with you bank, etc. if they support these standards ...

A variety of different graphs and reports are included in the program via the integrated reporting and graphing module, such as Profit & Loss and Portfolio Valuation reports. GnuCash will play nice with other financial applications, allowing the proprietary data formats to be imported in. You can also schedule recurring payments, search for transactions, and print checks.

Installation can be done graphically by opening the Add/Remove... dialog and checking the box next to GnuCash (as described here), or by typing the following code into the Terminal:

sudo apt-get install gnucash

I'm a bit of a finance-junkie, and I'm interested in hearing what you think of GnuCash. How does it compare against the proprietary competition?

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