Tips for Linux Explorers

Helpful info for those learning Linux

These Linux tips are meant to provide just enough
information to whet your appetite for more.
They are updated frequently and are not presented
in any particular order.
There is a site-search box at the end of this page.

. . . . . . .

The First Things To Know:
ISOs and md5sum
Checksum ISOs in Windows
Burning ISOs
Windows Tools: Burning ISOs
Windows Tools: Gparted
Md5sum of already burned CDs
Check CD Script
SHA-1 Checksums
Live CDs ( distros that run from CD )
Basic rules for install
Change the BIOS settings
Making a boot floppy
Boot/Rescue CD
Formatting Floppy and Zip disks
The Tree
Runaway Processes ( and how to kill them )
Skinny Elephants ( if all else fails )
Copy and paste
The "reset"-button
Updating your distro
Su and Root ( the difference )
Install cheatcodes
Lost user password
Lost Root password
Tricks in KDE home
The Linux Counter
Ultimate Boot CD
Backing-Up the MBR
Restoring the XP MBR
Removing Vista boot option
The Command "Info"

Tips for Linux Explorers


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