Is Ubuntu Linux for You, Too?

"Like cold fusion or a painless weight-loss plan, a user-friendly version of Linux remains elusive. But developers are getting closer with Ubuntu -- a free, Linux-based operating system that appeared in October 2004 and is winning over waves of converts, including high-profile geeks like Cory Doctorow.

The southern African word ubuntu roughly translates as "humanity toward others," and Ubuntu distributor Canonical does play nice, making the open-source OS available as a free download and on CDs shipped free of charge.

Updates come on a regular schedule, and Ubuntu is relatively easy to install, although a recent update caused the OS to lose its graphical user interface and was subsequently pulled. Canonical issued instructions for repairing the damage.

If you ever need help getting started with the open-source OS, the user community at places like Ubuntu Forums tends to be pretty patient with newbie inquiries. That's important, because Ubuntu will prompt many questions. Here are some examples:"

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