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Simple things Windows users can't do

I think we can make a nice list of simple things the average Windows user can't (or doesn't, see [7]) do, I'll keep track and add them here.

The list:
  1. Change the extension of a file _successfully_ F2
  2. Update the whole system with a few clicks Autoupdate, no clicks
  3. Resolve problems by logging out and then logging back in without a full restart (CTRL+Backspace). What problems?
  4. Do everythng with the command line. Average windows user? "Whats the command line"
  5. Ignore the threats of viruses Comes with being so popular
  6. Do a complete system install in under 20 min and be ready for word processing, spreadsheets, watch and listen to media, view pdf files, check email, surf the web (safely) and connect to your network without once trying to find those missing driver discs, install and download multiple programs that you need to do anything at must be lucky! Ubuntu was a multi part drama to get to that level
  7. Download free software legally Plenty of free software, starts with Perl and goes to a version of the flagship Visual Studio c#
  8. Customize the layout without extra software.I have seen plenty of skins on desktops, I don't use them though
  9. Keep the system running/up-to-date without notifying Redmond that the installation is legal/Have everything they ever need free [gratis] LEGALLY.Hey, its costs money, the price is on the box...if you steel it then tough
  10. Have a stable OS running and great support/Have their GUI look like they want.Skins, don't use them however have seen plenty in use
  11. XGL or AIGLX
  12. grep filesfind in files, from the GUI none the less
  13. Code highlighting in default text editorOnly amatures use a text editor to write code, see FREE Visual Studio development environment above
  14. Easy remote desktop-ing out of the box Remote Desktop, even easier than Ubunutu
  15. Their shoelaces.Windows users wear flip flops, there easy and they work
  16. Keep track of where they left their collection of hardware drivers.On the internet, only a google away
  17. Open a file with no extension.Yeah, you got me there, BIG down side that one
  18. Have paths more than 255 char long.And have the time too type those characters at the command thanks!
  19. Run their entire OS from a cd.Because....Ubuntu can? Ubuntu only does it so you can check that it will ACTUALL work with you computer, not a good sign
  20. Have a separate home partition so that ones settings stay the same from one install to the the other.More than one install? An average user?
  21. Play OGG files. Along with dozens of other multimedia formats.Ogg can be played with free decoder in Windows Media Player, why anyone would bother is another ?

Someone had to do it, the list was so poor, and the effort was not worth it...but someone had to do it.

Simple things Windows users can't do - Ubuntu Forums


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