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Making The Move: The Ubuntu Server Installation Process

Many of the steps to an Ubuntu Linux server setup are either trivial (e.g., selecting a language) or similar to the desktop installation process (e.g., choosing a time zone or providing information to set up a default user account). Others, however, are very different from the Ubuntu desktop setup process, and some require your careful attention.

At almost every step of the server installation process, you'll see a "go back" option on the screen. Choosing this option will not actually take you to the previous step; it will, rather, take you to a list of every step in the server installation process, listed sequentially. To make matters even more confusing, selecting an installation step from this list will not always give you the same view as you get by sticking with the default installation screens all the way through.

This fact can make some steps a bit more confusing; dropping back into the disk partitioning process from this list, for example, requires extra care to avoid making some regrettable (and irreversible) changes to a system's disk partitions. In other cases, however, using this list actually opens up some additional, and potentially very useful, server installation options -- more on this in a moment.

Step-By-Step: Moving Your Server To Linux | Hardware & Software |


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