7 Cool Things to Do With Linux | davehayes.org

So you’ve taken the plunge and installed Linux. You’ve followed all the HOWTOs all over the net. You’ve got your wireless card working flawlessly. You’ve got your video card working (and you’ve begun to loathe that spinning cube). You’ve installed all the “restricted” software like Adobe Flash, Sun Java and Google Earth. You’ve got all the patent restricted codecs and even DVD playback working just like you want. Now what? You want to know what you can do with Linux outside of the surfing, emailing, chatting and media consumption you normally do? Well, here are a few things to keep you busy.
  1. Use Your computer as a Home Theater PC. I personally use XBMC for this, but there are many other options including MythTV, Elisa, Entertainer, Freevo, GeeXboX and LinuxMCE.
Read them all here: 7 Cool Things to Do With Linux | davehayes.org


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