--Ubuntu Linux 7.10-- Try or Install! FREE Extras CD & Info! - OZtion Auction Item 3402048

Have you been hearing and reading about Ubuntu, and want to see what all the fuss is about? Or have you been curious about Linux, but didn't want to install it to your hard drive just to have a look? Or have you been thinking about slowly migrating from Windows, but didn't know which flavour of Linux to pick?

Well, read below and see why Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu has become so popular, and why you should be trying it today. And I mean "trying", since you can boot to a fully-working desktop and try a bunch of open source (ie FREE) programs and games, all running off the CD in memory, not being cached on your hard drive!More and more sellers and manufacturers are selling PCs and laptops with Ubuntu pre-installed!

Please note that you are not getting a trial version here, but a full operating system which comes on a "Live CD". This means you can boot to a fully working desktop, then install later if you so please, simply by double-clicking the "Install" icon on the desktop! Ubuntu and its derivatives are totally free to download, as are all programs and extras; what you are paying for here is to have it on a CD to save you looking for a reliable download mirror and spending time (and bandwidth) downloading it and burning the .iso image to a CD. You are also paying for a second disc with my special collection of programs, games, wallpapers, and other cool extras (saving you MANY hours of searching and downloading!!). And besides receiving many e-books on Ubuntu and Linux in general, you also get a copy of my Vital Tips For Ubuntu Newbies (which will save you HOURS of looking through forums for answers, and have you up and running in no time).

--Ubuntu Linux 7.10-- Try or Install! FREE Extras CD & Info! - OZtion Auction Item 3402048


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