Interclue is the ultimate hyperlink multitool. Small icons appear on mouseover to warn you about dead links, Malware or Phishing Sites, etc, and for any valid link, Interclue provides a compact link preview, optional extra information and next action buttons.

Here are some sites that Interclue works really well on: Most search engines, and local site searches. Google Reader. Bloglines. gMail., Digg, other social bookmarking sites. Bugzilla and Trac ticketing systems. Most news sites. Almost any given blog. It will even work on your intranet because Interclue generates page summaries inside the browser, rather than downloading them from our server.

Interclue is fast, smooth, and easy to use.

It's freeware.

There is an easy 2 minute tutorial included, after that it really starts *saving* you time.

Interclue :: Firefox Add-ons


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