Friday, August 22, 2008

Introduction to Mozilla Source Code.

Mozilla is an open source project and organization to develop a cross-platform Internet client software. Since it is open source, the source code is available to everyone - although you have to follow the licenses as defined in the respective source files (a mixture of MPL, NPL, GPL, LGPL). is the name of an organization that provides an infrastructure to help developers in the project. is also the address of the central web site for the Mozilla project.

If you find errors in this document, or if you want to contribute updated or additional sections, please contact Kai Engert.


What is Mozilla?
Scope of this document
What does Netscape have to do with this?
C++ and JavaScript
NSPR - Netscape portable runtime
Object oriented programming & Modularity
XPCOM / nsISupports / nsCOMPtr
Exceptions / nsresult
Strings in C++
Graphical User Interface / XUL
Build System and Tree
Application Startup
Internal Notification System
Coding and Review Rules
Webtools / LXR / Bonsai
Finding more information

Introduction to Mozilla Source Code

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