United GNOME Theme Updated, Looks Better Than Ever - OMG! Ubuntu!

A new version of United GNOME, the Unity 8 inspired GTK theme, is available to download — and there are some significant changes to see.
The United GNOME theme, partly inspired by the design direction of Canonical’s scrapped Unity 8 desktop, has picked up a few fixes and flourishes that fans of theme will want to know about.
united GNOME theme tweak: rounded corners

Rounded window covers and more subtle drop shadows
Most of the changes (rather notably) see the theme adhere to the actual styling of Unity 8 and Ubuntu Phone/Tablet, including colour hints.
The angular window borders are gone; the outline toggle switches are gone; the bizarre purple buttons are gone.
If you used (or still use) Ubuntu Touch or any Ubuntu Touch apps a lot of the widgets, switches and stylings will seem super familiar.
The Unity 8/Suru colour palette is also more prominent in this version of the theme.
The overall look is one that’s a compelling alternative amidst the dominance of Arc and Adapta, the latter being the basis of the Pop GTK theme.

Download United GNOME Theme

The United GNOME theme is available in a number of versions, including light, dark and darker (a mix of light & dark). The version you see in these screenshots of this post are of the United GNOME Darker version.
Helpfully, the United GNOME GTK and GNOME shell themes are also no longer separate downloads. You get GTK and GNOME Shell themes in the same download:

Not using Ubuntu?

United GNOME Theme Updated, Looks Better Than Ever - OMG! Ubuntu!:


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