40 Best Open Source Graphic Programs

Following the great success of the 45 Best Freeware Design Programs and attending requests of more open source apps, here is a new extensive list of Open Source Graphic Programs that you may take into consideration for production use. There is a lot of technicalities when we talk about The Open Source movement, and we are not covering them here on detail, so please forgive with me if I am not being formal enough with all the terminology.

You will find the name of the project, a lovely screenshot (who doesn’t love screenshots?), the Development Status (I’ve included from Beta to mature ones) and the supported platforms. Please notice that some of the projects may have restricted license use; before using a particular software, check first if the intended use is allowed. Most of this list allows commercial use, but that may or may not change in the future, so check first with the site before using it.

As I said before, maybe they won’t replace your commercial apps, but some of them are worth keeping and eye on, since they are on constant evolution. Which is the great thing about open source: due to their nature, everyone can contribute to its growth.

I know I know we are designers and most of us don’t do code (have met only a few who code and design beautifully, blessed ones) but many of us have great can’t-chose-even-the-right-font coders friends that might be interested

40 Best Open Source Graphic Programs


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