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Xvoice enables continuous speech dictation and speech control of most X applications. To convert users' speech into text it uses the IBM ViaVoice speech recognition engine, which is distributed separately (see below).

When in dictation mode Xvoice passes this text directly to the currently focused X application. When in command mode, Xvoice matches the speech with predefined, user-modifieable, key sequences or commands. For instance "list" would match "ls -l" when commanding the console, so that when the user says "list" "ls -l" will be sent to the console as if the user had typed it.

This figure shows a typical session with Xvoice. Recognised (and some rejected) speech can be seen on the right pane. Currently active vocabularies are listed on the left. The application to which commands are being sent is listed on the top. Here it is used to control Xemacs to read mail and create a new mail. Dictation mode is then entered in order to dictate the text of the email to be sent. We then return to mail commands to send the mail and exit. Back in emacs, we open a file called xvoice.xml, which we can then modify and save as we wish.



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