Monday, March 03, 2008

Ubuntu 8.04 release party in Montreal

This is an invitation to all who will be in or around Montreal, QC, Canada next April 24th. Full party info and details at:

We’ll be partying real hard at St-Sulpice bar and I hear other parties are organizing in Quebec province.

I’d also like to challenge other party organizers, do you think you can have the biggest party out there ? Last time we had close to 200 people in Montreal, this time we are a bit better organized. One specific thing that has helped us a lot is inviting people IN ADVANCE and PERSONALLY :) We welcome all to copy and improve our french and english invitation.

We are also using a Facebook event for RSVPs, local mailing lists and contacting media. We’ve lined up a few sponsors too for swag (and more). Any further ideas ?


Fabián Rodríguez » Ubuntu 8.04 release party in Montreal

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