How to get support for Ubuntu

Access Free Documentation

If you are stumped by a problem, the chances are that someone else has encountered it too. Take a look at our Documentation site where you'll find the official documentation developed and maintained by the Ubuntu Documentation Team.

Buy Professional Support Services


The Canonical Global Support Services team understands the challenges you face when introducing and maintaining new platforms and applications, their experience and knowledge base will ensure you maximise the return on your Linux investment. Professional support is also available from companies listed as Canonical Partners.

Get Free Community Support


A range of free support options are also available from the Ubuntu Community, including forums, IRC channels and mailing lists. The Ubuntu Local Community Teams provide multi-language community support.

Technical Answers System


You can also add your support question in the new tech answers system which is a part of the Launchpad system. Here you can keep your query active until a community member offers an answer which solves your problem. You can also search through all of the other questions which have been asked and answered.


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